Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 - The Year In Review

Another year has gone by - flown by it seemed - and the artists of Art On Broadway Gallery stand ready to face 2017 with hope for the world and high expectations for our own professional growth and creative satisfaction.

Seated: Bert Cohen, Wendy Robinson, Kris Paul;
Standing Front: Wendy Givens, Harold Walkup, 
Angela Ridgway, Michael Kelly, Sam Hingston;
Standing Back: Carli Schultz, Pam Nichols, Donna Sanson

Let me start this year's blog with a quick review of last year's gallery highlights. I like creating lists - they help me remember and stay on task; they make me realize that things actually did get accomplished despite my scattered nature; and the physical copies are somehow easier for me to find in a stack of papers than a digital file which I ackwardly named and then forgot its title. So here goes - what we accomplished in 2016:

  • In September, we celebrated 6 years in business on SW Broadway in Beaverton
  • Welcomed new artists Michael Kelly, Angela Ridgway, Jim Scheller, and Harold Walkup
  • Created our first Member Marketing Team 
  • Redesigned our Website - www.artonbroadway.net
  • Invested in a full-page ad in Portland Open Studios Tour Guide, Page 73
  • Hosted 12 Member Shows and Artists Receptions - Added brief talks by featured artists
  • Presented 2 Guest Boutiques - Spring Boutique in April and Holiday Boutique in November/December (featuring 28 guests artists)
  • Presented two solo guest shows featuring works by Norm Ensor and Paul Tice
  • Presented one group guest show featuring works by seven members of Abstract Artists Group.
  • Presented five Open-Call-To-Artists Shows featuring works by over 90 guest artists.
  • In partnership with Beaverton Arts Commission presented one Community Show as a fundraiser for nonprofit CraneAge, founded by Patrice Demmon.
  • Participated in multiple Westside Cultural Arts Networking events 
  • Gallery sponsorship of Washington County Open Studies 
  • Five AOB artists participated in Washington County Open Studies
  • Four AOB artists participated in Portland Open Studios
  • Submitted Angela Ridgway's metal sculpture to City of Beaverton for consideration as a permanent part of the city's art collection. "Embracing Your Inner Self" was installed on SW Broadway plaza on November 9.
  • Consistently present ongoing, high quality fine art 5 days a week, 12 months a year. 
  • Represent outstanding local member artists - Linda Baker, Mary Burgess, Thom Caccamo, Rae Campbell, Bert Cohen, Wendy Givens, Vicki Green, Sam Hingston, Michael Kelly, Gretha Lindwood, Pam Nichols, Virginia Parks, Kris Paul, Angela Ridgway, Wendy Robinson, Donna Sanson, Jim Scheller, Carli Schultz, Elaine Tan, and Harold Walkup