Monday, September 29, 2014

First Friday on October 3 is the last First Friday in 2014

We invite you to come join us in the final First Friday event for 2014 - October 3. The theme this month is "A Hunt For History," emphasizing the original settlers in our community and the historic nature of many downtown buildings. Visitors can participate in a History Questionnaire and earn a chance to win one of four prize baskets. Downtown merchants and special guest, Augustus Fanno, - portrayed by local thespian Paul Roder - will be on hand to assist with answers to the questions which are proposed.

Visitors will find live music throughout the downtown - Reggie Houston on sax at Beaverton Bakery; DonnaLynn Music at Lanphere Enterprises; Terry Halstead at Beaverton Florists, and Equinox at Holistic Health Clinic. As always, Best Rate Limos will provide complimentary Hop In/Hop Out limo service during the event. Look for Limo Stop Signs to catch a ride!

Best Rate Limo Service @ West & Broadway

Art On Broadway will have our usual Silent Auction with original art items by our members for guests to bid on. Refreshments are included as well as an opportunity to see the new exhibits in both the main and west wing galleries. We are open until 9 p.m., with bidding on auction items closing at 8:30. Don't miss out on an opportunity to purchase original art at great prices!

Guest Wall for October - Beaverton's Visual Chronicle Collection

We are pleased to once again partner with the Beaverton Arts Commission to present Beaverton's Visual Chronicle Collection - a series of twelve paintings depicting scenes of some of Beaverton's most memorable locations. The exhibit opens on October 1 and continues through November 1, with a reception on Saturday, October 11, from 6 to 9 p.m. to celebrate the work in this collection. A sneak preview is shown here with a watercolor painting by Portland artist, Sunny Smith.
"Carr Chevrolet" by Sunny Smith

Meet Our Newest Gallery Artist - Sandy Dutko


Beginning October 1, Art On Broadway is pleased to announce the addition of Sandy Dutko to our family of member artists. Sandy is also a member of Painter's Showcase, the Watercolor Society of Oregon, and the Oregon Society of Artists. Stop by and become acquainted with Sandy through her artwork.
Sandy knew at an early age that art was her passion and she constantly drew and painted as a child. She felt a deep love of nature growing up in the Pacific Northwest where she spent summers camping at the Oregon coast and in the Cascade mountains with her family.As a young adult she set out to discover the National Parks of the USA, crossing the borders into Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Her artwork has been inspired by these travels and her continued appreciation for the diversity and beauty of nature remains.
"Mary's Blessing," by Sandy Dutko

Nancy Cuevas and "Black Corset" - Featured in October

Mysterious and seductive - bold and beautiful - all describe the subject matter of Nancy Cuevas' oil paintings featured this month at Art On Broadway. The show opens on October 1 and closes November 1, with an Artist's Reception on Saturday, October 11, from 6-9 p.m.

"Black Corset" is large - 48" x 48" - and impressive. The curvaceous lines of the female feature are accentuated by the strong contrast of light and dark. This woman definitely grabs the viewer's attention as the eye moves from head to toe and back again. She is indeed a mystery - a solitary figured posed on a warm patterned carpet but otherwise surrounded by a cool smoky blue room that absorbs her. "Black Corset" is one of seven paintings in this exhibit.

"Black Corset," Oil on Canvas

"When working out a composition," says Nancy, " I look for bold contrast between shadow and light, a distinct characteristic or essence from the sitter, and strong design elements. Setting out the paints, mixing color, and figuring out exactly what I am seeing is very meditative as the work takes on a life of its own. My subjects become very familiar to me as I deconstruct their physical forms and rebuild them again on 2d canvas. There is something joyful in recreating a moment in time. Unlike a photograph that freezes its image with the click of a shutter, my paintings capture a liveliness derived from my experience of the sitter through the time it takes me to paint it."

"I am inspired by the beauty of the human figure and nature. In my work I seek beauty, love and joy which in the end is what connects us all," shares Nancy.


September Reception

If you missed our reception on September 13, the following photos are meant to record the evening for everyone. Don and Wally's show was wonderful, it was a beautiful evening, Sue and Alex did a terrific job maintaining the reception table, Potter's Vineyard provided delicious wine, and there was a good turnout of guests. All that adds up to a successful evening.

Featured Artists:  Wally Schwab and Don Schwab

Mr. and Mrs. Don Schwartz

Guest Wall Artists - NW Figurescapes

Gallery Guests

Stuffed Grape Leaves, Cheese Plate, Artichoke Dip & More

Gallery Guest Outside

Outside Looking In

Sue Jensen & Roberta Babcock