Friday, February 16, 2018

Two Artists Join The Gallery

Beginning in March, two new artists will have their work on exhibit at Art On Broadway Gallery. Welcome to Norm Enzor and Rebecca Vasquez.

Norm is a painter and works in pastel, acrylic and watercolor. His work has appeared in Guest Wall shows at the gallery over the years and he now joins us as a member. Go to Norm's website to see his work and learn more about him -

Rebecca is an encaustic artist and brand new to the gallery. Her paintings are abstract with strong color patterns and bold shapes.

We look forward to having their work in the gallery.

Friday, February 9, 2018

AOB Artists @ Celebration of Creativity, Southminster Presbyterian Church

The following member artists of AOB were selected to participate in Celebration of Creativity this year at Southminister Presbyterian Church at the corner of Denney Road and Hall Boulevard in Beaverton. This is an annual fundraiser for the church and a wonderful event to attend and support.

Patricia Rehm - Patricia is a fiber artist who excels in creating wearable art and fiber vessels. She took her first felting class at the College of Arts and Craft in 2001 and was immediately hooked. Her purses, scarves, and jackets incorporate hand-dyed silks and cotton gauze, felted beads, and needle felted embellishments.
Felted Purse by Patricia Rehm

My Internal Compass by Angela Ridgway
Angela Ridgway - Angela works in metal - scrap metal to be precise - and renews the life of the material by imagining it in a different design and with a different purpose. She shares, "The rustic metal has traveled and served a purpose, and now is transformed into something else; something just as purposeful as its original function."

Jim Scheller - Jim works exclusively in glass, kilnforming and casting at his studio in the forest on the Chehalem Mountain near Scholls. Before glass, he enjoyed a long career as an engineer and technologist. Jim says, "Inspiration comes from the forms, textures and colors of natural and man-made objects, and objects imagined."

Glass Art by Jim Scheller

Elaine Tan - Elaine has been a jewelry artist since the late 1990's. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. She combines the use of natural semi-precious stones, organic materials, metals, stones, and other materials to create designs that display a delicate mix of balance vs asymmetry, simplicity vs complexity, much like the balance of yin and yang.

 Necklace by Elaine Tan

In addition to these four talented artists, a number of former member and guest artists from the gallery are showing their work at the event as well. Look for artwork from area artists Alex Boyden, Kathryn Delany, Susan Greenbaum, Jam Hardenburger, Kyle Kraiter, and Phyllis Meyer.

The 37th Annual Celebration of Creativity begins on Thursday, March 2, with a "First Look Gala" from 7 to 9 p.m. There is a $10 fee that evening but the show is free on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Art Talk At The Gallery

Please come by the gallery for a panel discussion with five of our artists on the subject of this month's show, "Change." Elizabeth Bamberger, Bert Cohen, Michael Kelly, Donna Sanson, and Beate Scheller will make up the panel and will share what sparked their imagination and drove them to create the piece of artwork they submitted.

Do they welcome change or dread it, do they choose change or does change choose them? How do life changes affect their work, their goals, their direction? Bring you questions and become a part of the discussion!

Join us on Saturday, February 10, starting at 5 p.m. Coffee, tea, and dessert will be provided.