Sunday, January 28, 2018

Time To Say "So Long"

After seven and a half years at the helm of Art On Broadway Gallery it is time for me to make a change and face a new fork in the road. Oddly these two routes are titles for our current featured show and another one scheduled for May and June. 

I will be leaving the gallery at the end of February and have many items on my bucket list to investigate. 

It has been a wonderful experience to bring a fine art gallery to the community of Beaverton, and to be able to feature the high quality of art that we have exhibited in our humble space on SW Broadway. I can not thank the talented artists enough who have trusted me with their exciting and beautiful creations over the years - they amaze me with their imagination, skill, and passion for making and sharing their artwork. I also want to thank Mayor Doyle and the Beaverton Arts Commission for their interest and support of what we do; and, of course, I must acknowledge the public for embracing the gallery's presence and supporting us with its patronage.

Have no fear - Art On Broadway will continue to operate under the guidance of Bert Cohen who has been my Partner at the gallery since day one. After checking off some items on my list, I suspect "I'll be back" in some capacity as an artist in the not too distant future.

Donna Sanson

Vicki Green's Glorious Glass

Our featured artist for May and June is Vicki Green, and the title of her show is "Life's Choices - Forks in the Road." The show will open May 2 and continue through June 30. An Artist's Reception to celebrate Vicki and her latest fused glass pieces will be held on Saturday, May 12; a special presentation by Vicki will take place on June 9. Both events are free, and take place from 5 to 8 pm.

10"x10" Fused Glass Wall Hanging by Vicki Green

Vicki's show will consist of a collection of 10"x10" fused glass wall hangings mounted on wooden frames. Much of the glass will be murine which she creates in her studio in Vancouver, WA. This technique involves layering different colors of glass and melting them in her kiln. The glass is then stretched, cooled, and cut into small cross sections and placed on end to create specific designs.

Vicki explained the title of this show by sharing, "As I think in abstract about the choices I've made in my life, I think of them as forks in the road. Each choice led me in a direction and I either stayed on the road or turned around and changed roads. In some instances the fork I took was not one I'd take again but they have all rendered invaluable experiences."

The beauty of Vicki's glass is unquestionable - her choice of color is always devine, and her 35 years of passion for working in this media is clearly apparent. 

We hope you will choose to make a "fork in the road" to Art On Broadway Gallery a priority in your life.

"The Sport of Kings" is Coming Soon

Award-winning artist, Michael Kelly, is featured at Art On Broadway Gallery for the months of March and April; he brings his latest collection of mixed media paintings to the gallery in a show titled, "The Sport of Kings."

The show opens on March 7 and continues through April 28. An Artist's Reception to celebrate Michael and his latest work will be held on March 10, followed by a special presentation by Michael on April 14. Both events are free and scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m.

Boundaries, Mixed Media, Michael Kelly

Michael's work is always bold and timeless, full of energy and movement, confidently rendered, and worthy of attention from the viewer. All the excitement of horse racing is depicted in these outstanding paintings. Please stop by the gallery during one of the events or during regular business hours - Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 5.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Gallery Openings

Art On Broadway Gallery is looking for experienced artists for its next contract period starting in March. Interested candidates should email the gallery now with an artist's statement, description of artwork and pricing, digital images of current work, and a brief paragraph on why they want to become a member. We are looking for 2D, 3D, and jewelry artists. Email

AOB is a modified co-op gallery with 6-month contracts, $65 per month per artist, and 25% commission on sales.

"Change Is Here"

We have opened the 2018 season with our group show, "Change". Join us for an Artists Reception on Saturday, January 13, and an Art Talk on Saturday, February 10 - both events take place from 5-8 pm and are free of charge.

Here's a sneak peak of work that was submitted for this show -

 Michael Kelly - change in media

 Gretha Lindwood - change in media

 Russell J Young

 Mary Burgess

Blaine Johnson