Monday, September 29, 2014

Nancy Cuevas and "Black Corset" - Featured in October

Mysterious and seductive - bold and beautiful - all describe the subject matter of Nancy Cuevas' oil paintings featured this month at Art On Broadway. The show opens on October 1 and closes November 1, with an Artist's Reception on Saturday, October 11, from 6-9 p.m.

"Black Corset" is large - 48" x 48" - and impressive. The curvaceous lines of the female feature are accentuated by the strong contrast of light and dark. This woman definitely grabs the viewer's attention as the eye moves from head to toe and back again. She is indeed a mystery - a solitary figured posed on a warm patterned carpet but otherwise surrounded by a cool smoky blue room that absorbs her. "Black Corset" is one of seven paintings in this exhibit.

"Black Corset," Oil on Canvas

"When working out a composition," says Nancy, " I look for bold contrast between shadow and light, a distinct characteristic or essence from the sitter, and strong design elements. Setting out the paints, mixing color, and figuring out exactly what I am seeing is very meditative as the work takes on a life of its own. My subjects become very familiar to me as I deconstruct their physical forms and rebuild them again on 2d canvas. There is something joyful in recreating a moment in time. Unlike a photograph that freezes its image with the click of a shutter, my paintings capture a liveliness derived from my experience of the sitter through the time it takes me to paint it."

"I am inspired by the beauty of the human figure and nature. In my work I seek beauty, love and joy which in the end is what connects us all," shares Nancy.


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