Friday, December 10, 2010

Annie's Awesome Evening

Our very own Annie Salness was honored Tuesday night by her family, friends, and community with an evening to celebrate her spirit and the love we all have for her. Her closet friends and neighbors put together an awesome fundraiser based on prints of Annie's work and donations by a community of fellow artists. Annie surprised us with her presence and what a joy it was to see her, looking radiant as always in a Christmas green sweater and smiling face and eyes.

Joe Pogan's donation of "Bird on a Hitch" was the first piece of artwork to sell - and well over the asking price. Attendees were very generous and the event was an overall success - happy crowd of people, yummy desserts and coffee, music in the air, and artwork all around. Go Annie.

I posted an album of photos from the event on my Facebook page.

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