Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coming In November: The Pauls

During the month of November, the featured walls and pedestals at Art On Broadway will be graced with the work of Kris and Willy Paul. The husband and wife team from Lake Oswego have collaborated on "Nature's Impressions: Abstract/Ikebana." Their show will open on November 1 and close on December 1, with an Artists Reception on Saturday, November 3.

Kris is a ceramic artist whose featured work is for use in Ikebana floral design. Expressing the raw clay, she creates forms that are simple in design but add a complexity intricate in the completion of Ikebana arrangements. The piece depicted is "Crimson Thread," made of Black Mountain Stoneware with Copper Red Glaze. Maple boughs and Iris complete the design.

Willy, an architect by profession, will feature abstract flora photography taken to the extreme. His images are manipulated in the camera and then printed on metal, resulting in an extreme view of the natural landscape. Abstract L157 is shown below.

Come and enjoy lively conversation with these talented artists at the reception in their honor on November 3 from 6 to 9 p.m.

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