Friday, January 31, 2014

Paint With An Artist Continues

We had our first "Paint With An Artist" event in January with three novice painters happy with the results of their experience. Linda, Anna, and Karen each selected a different painting by a famous artist to use as a reference. They brought their enthusiasm and I provided the materials and guidance to help them complete a painting in a single three-hour session. Linda chose a landscape by Wolf Kahn, Anna chose a Georgia O'Keefe image, and Karen worked from a still life by Paul Cezanne. Each one made some changes to the reference artwork, drew the basic lines of the composition onto their canvases, set up their palettes and began mixing paint. Little by little, the images came to life.

If you and your friends would like an opportunity to paint a "masterpiece" for your home or office, call me at 503.477.0489 and schedule a session. Sip some wine and dip into the paints. You'll discover the artist within you. Cost is $48 per person.

"Art On Broadway offers a unique experience for those who would like to learn to paint. My friend and I took a class with Donna Sanson who taught us how to take a famous artist's work for inspiration and create our own masterpiece. Three hours flew by and we had a wonderful time exploring our creative side. I look forward to taking another class with Donna." ...Linda Dickerson

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