Sunday, May 4, 2014

Welcome to Alexandra Boyden, Sam Hingston, and Margaret C. Carter

April brought a change in membership to the gallery with the departure of Diana Unterspan and Stephen Kekule. We were honored to represent them as members for the past several years and wish them much success in their creative journeys.

At the same time, we wish to welcome Sam Hingston, who joined us in April, and Alexandra Boyden who joins us this month.

Sam Hingston  -
Sam is a sculptor who primarily creates mixed media wood sculptures.  He also has been experimenting with other materials as he challenges himself to create complex forms which capture nature in realistic and abstract artwork. Visit his website to learn more about Sam and his work.

Alexandra Boyden  -
Alex is a painter; her medium is soft pastel and her subject is the landscape. Her imagery is both abstract and representational at the same time, and her painting style is soft and loose. Visit her website to learn more about Alex and her work.
Margaret C. Carter 
While our good friend Roberta Babcock is on leave of absence, we are pleased to announce that Margaret C. Carter will be showing her work with us. Margaret is a printmaker and has exhibited many times in Guest Shows at the gallery. Be sure to stop by and see Margaret's work starting in May.

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