Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Welcome to Two New Members

Beginning on April 1, visitors to the gallery will be treated to work by two new members. We welcome Thom Caccamo of Portland and Wendy Givens of Oregon City.

Thom is a builder in clay. His vessels and wall works are all hand built slabs, columns, posts and lintels that take their inspiration from architecture. Piece by piece he constructs geometric forms that are functional and sculptural.  If they were at architectural scale they would be monuments but even at the personal size of vessels they remind us of buildings without looking like houses and skyscrapers. Glaze is used sparingly, if at all, to keep the viewer focused on the forms. Instead of glaze the variations of color come from the natural color of the clay and the environment in which it is fired. His all white bas- relief wall works take on political and social themes, especially climate change and environmental degradation.

Clay Geometric Sculptures by Thom Caccamo
With a background in graphic design, Wendy uses a limited color palette of three transparent acrylics plus black and white to create her images. She layers and adjusts her colors as she paints. Often she begins with an abstract under painting and turns her canvas frequently until she settles on a direction for each piece. Wendy finds that some of her most satisfying paintings come as a result of this discovery process
'"Awakening The Dawn," 24x30, Acrylic on Canvas by Wendy Givens

"Season of Singing," 18x24, Acrylic on Canvas by Wendy Givens


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