Monday, September 7, 2015

October Guest Exhibit - "HIVE"

Twelve members of the International Encaustic Artists, Portland Chapter, will offer a cooperative exhibit in October on the Guest Wall in the West Wing of the gallery. "HIVE" is a fascinating concept spearheaded by Pam Nichols and includes individual pieces by Bridget Benton, Robyn Bogardus, Betsy Bustamonte, Kathleen Curtis Cosgrove, Dianne Erickson, Chantel Greene, Sue Jensen, Manuela Kalestiantz, Pam Nichols, Virginia Parks, Ruth Ann Skodacek, and Kelly Williams.

These artists have combined their collective energy using the power of beeswax to build a body of work by sculpting, carving, inlaying, fusing, burnishing, drawing, and painting - the result is HIVE. Just as bees gather together in a place of great activity to create wax,  these twelve artists have come together to turn that gift of wax into an assemblage of hexagonal paintings that honor the Hive and link each piece to the others.

We are honored to share this thoughtful exhibit with you.

Encaustic Painting by Bridget Benton

Encaustic Painting by Chantel Greene

Encaustic Painting by Kelly Williams

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