Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Movers and Shakers of Marketing

We have formed a new marketing team for Art On Broadway for 2016. The group met for the first time  today to set goals and strategies for 2016 and ended the collaborative effort with five target areas to work on throughout the year - Improved Networking, Effective Advertising, Guest Wall Outreach, Community Building Within Our Membership, and Getting the Most Out of Social Media.

Kris Paul will be our leader in these endeavors and the rest of us will bring our skills and energy to make Art On Broadway known throughout the land!
Left to right around Bert Cohen's kitchen table:
Sam Hingston, Bert Cohen, Kris Paul, Pam Nichols, and Virginia Parks.
My presence is represented by the blurred thumb in the upper right hand corner.

Look out world  - here we come!



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