Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Featured Exhibit In The Gallery

Exciting...Thoughtful,..Unique...just a few words one might use to describe the featured show for September at Art On Broadway Gallery.

Thom Caccamo has put together an exhibit of sixteen unglazed low-fire earthenware sculptures that invite the viewer to study and react. His show is titled "Ceramic Constructions" and his creations begin with a collection of individual pieces of clay that Thom has formed into various sizes of geometric and organic shapes. The creativity comes in when Thom takes these basic shapes and uses them to make a visual statement about the environment, the economy, the human condition, or sometimes just a fun combination of odd pairings that make me smile.

I bought one of Thom's sculptures about a year ago and it hangs on the wall just outside my home office/studio. I see it every time I enter that space, which is multiple times each day. The title is "Tranquility" and it is a welcome reminder to me to let any stress or discomfort slip away. I'm sharing an image of "Tranquility" on this blog and wish all of you stress-free, tranquil moments in your life.


To see Thom's latest work, you will need to come to the gallery. I'm not even going to post a sneak peek because you need to see these pieces without a preview. "Ceramic Constructions" is open daily from 11 to 6 through October 1 (Tuesday-Saturday). An Artists Reception will be held on Saturday, September 10 from 5 to 8.

Join us for a glass of wine, some light refreshments, and an exciting/thoughtful/unique exhibit of Thom's artwork.

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