Saturday, October 23, 2010

Plans for Broadway Street in the news!

In Thursday's edition of the Beaverton Valley Times there was an article on another independent small business reinventing itself much like Amato's Floral did when Karen invited local artists to exhibit in her flower and gift shop in early 2010. A&P, at the corner of Broadway and Watson, has added a line of  specialty goods including locally made organic cranberry juice, peach jam marinades, peanut brittle, cayenne caramels, and flavored balsalmic vinegars to their successful appliance repair parts business. It seems like an unusual pairing of merchandise, but the owners were looking for something fun and different. We wish them much success.

The article goes on to say, "Plans for Broadway have shifted as the Civic Plan evolves. Last month, citizens and the city considered a couplet, where Canyon Road and Broadway would be one-way streets and define a new downtown. That plan has since been scrapped, and the Civic Plan is looking at Broadway as a festival street, which could feature street trees and benches, slow speeds for cars and could be closed to cars for fairs or events."

Sounds like good news for Amato's Gallery and other small specialty shops and restaurants. Read the entire article in the October 21 Beaverton Valley Times.

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