Saturday, May 25, 2013

Member Featured Show During June Is All About "Harmony"

Japanese Symbol for Harmony

Jim Johnstone and Donna Sanson are the featured member artists at the gallery during June. Their show runs from June 5 through June 29 and both will be on hand at the gallery's Artists Reception on June 8 (6-9 p.m.) to greet guests and discuss art.

Jim has taught ceramics at PCC Rock Creek and participated in the Portland Japanese Gardens "Behind the Shoji" event. His interest and respect for Japanese culture and design is evident in the ceramic vessels he has created for the "Harmony" exhibit.

Ceramic Vessel with Lid and Bamboo Handle by Jim Johnstone

The nine watercolor and acrylic paintings by Donna Sanson were all inspired by a February visit to the Portland Japanese Gardens. "The perfect placement of water, rocks, plants, and accessories appealed so strongly to me; I knew I had to capture what I experienced in my simple and exaggerated style of painting. The images will forever be embedded in my mind."
"Downward," Acrylic on Paper by Donna Sanson

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