Monday, March 13, 2017

Lucky For Us, Their Choice Is Glass

This post is for all the glass lovers out there. We are so fortunate to have four artists in the gallery who chose glass as their medium of choice. Visit us and see the diversity of color, style, and shape of the glass works created by these talented individuals. 

Rae Campbell creates both functional and decorative glass artwork. She says, "I have been working with glass since 1999 and there is something magical that happens when you introduce cold glass to a hot flame or kiln, it goes from something shapeless into a wonderful work of art."

Vicki Green also creates both functional and decorative pieces,as well as whimsical yard art. She describes her art journey this way, "My glass artwork continually evolves and often expresses my interpretation of elements of nature, life experiences, and textiles. I find myself exploring gradient lines, shadows and depth which are attained through multiple processes and constant experimentation."

Jim Scheller discovered glass in 2012 and says his inspiration "comes from the forms, textures and colors of natural and man-made objects, and objects imagined." His works "invite one to gaze inside and view the flows created by heat and gravity on the once molten glass; to get lost in the dance of light and color."

Jewelry designer Carli Schultz shares,"Glass can be made by nature or made by humans, and is one of the most enduring materials a human can create with. Sharing the joy of a glass creation and seeing someone else light up when they look into my small worlds is one of the best gifts of my art. Something about glass is inviting to everyone, at almost every age."

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