Sunday, April 9, 2017

Photography & Embossed Metal

In addition to all the items highlighted previously about our Spring Boutique, I want to bring your attention to the work of Russell J. Young and Barb Sedgwick.

Russell is a man of many talents - poet, set designer, story teller, and photographer. He is currently selling several of his framed photos, copies of one of his books, and photo greeting cards in our boutique. His book, In The Mist, is a collaboration with seven esteemed Oregon poets. Russell says it, "binds together poetry and photography in a relationship in which one is not excluded from the other, but rather both are met and bound and emerge as a new wholeness; a wholeness seeking that which is hidden in the mist and that which is revealed: silence, memory, breath."

Russell's book and a large print of one of his painterly photographs, along with three of Barb's embossed aluminum frames, are shown in the photo below.

Barb creates small decorative pieces of art featuring embellished copper, aluminum, and/or pewter. Anything from jewelry boxes, picture frames, switch plates, etc. She is a frequent guest artist whose work is always well received, always well priced, and often sells quickly. 

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