Thursday, April 6, 2017

Recap of Tuesdays @ Two Demo by Dianne Erickson

Dianne gets a gold star for her encaustic monotype demonstration on Tuesday. First she shared a variety of monotypes she had previously created including a scroll and a figurative image she calls "Bill" - it reminds her of Bill Gates. She shared some of her materials and techniques, then gave each attendee an opportunity to create their own nonobjective monotype. After a short break, Dianne showed how she often uses walnut oil and India ink to go back into the piece and experiment even more. Once again, she offered a hands-on experience for everyone to see for themselves how the original wax application reacts with the oil and ink. A fun and informational afternoon thanks to Dianne! 

A recent addition to AOB, Dianne has five framed encaustic monotypes currently on exhibit.

Contact the gallery at info@artonbroadway to reserve a space for future Tuesdays @ Two Demos - drawing, watercolor, and felting. Seating is limited.

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