Friday, May 19, 2017

"We're The Dessert"

A visitor came in today after having lunch next door at Gloria's Secret Cafe. Her name was Eileen and she made my day by sharing that she had lunch at Gloria's and came to Art On Broadway Gallery for dessert! How's that for a compliment.

1 comment:

    And…I’m sure you will get LOTS more of those type of folks since you let Gloria’s SECRET Café out of the bag by slamming it all over the Internet.

    Do lunch at Gloria’s Secret CAFÉ,
    And dessert at Art On BROADWAY.
    Has a ring to it.
    Accent Café and Broadway and it’s a good rhyming sales jingle.

    Interesting note…Spellchecker said I misspelled dessert, (Which is really weird because the spelling I just wrote is ok?)…and their glossary does not have it,
    However it does have dessert plate, and dessert spoon. Go Figure?
    Even stranger…I cut and pasted the good dessert over the bad dessert, and it came out bad.