Thursday, August 24, 2017


Imagine what you, as an artist, can do to transform this simple paper umbrella from a blank "canvas" to a work of fine art.
The gallery is in partnership with the Beaverton Downtown Association on a Cultural Art & Tasting Event in October. Watch for more information about this event in the upcoming weeks. The painted/decorated umbrellas will be sold during the event as a fundraiser for the BDA.  
We have 48 umbrellas to complete by the end of September - I'm still working on my first. I can tell you a couple of things about this project - I can't do this by myself, and it's really fun to experiment with various materials on an unusual support and format. So I'm challenging all you accomplished artists out there to stop by the gallery and pick up an umbrella; take it home, create something beautiful and sign it; then return the finished product before the end of the month. Your donated time, talent and materials will be greatly appreciated!


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