Monday, August 14, 2017

More Fiber In Your Diet Is Good For You

Isn't that what the nutritionists and doctors keep telling us?

Well, we are happy to announce that you can soon get an extra dose of fiber at Art On Broadway Gallery. This type of fiber, however, is meant to be digested with your eyes. Starting in September, Elizabeth Bamberger will join fiber artist Patricia Rehm who designs and creates hand-dyed felted wool/silk wearable art currently for sale at the gallery .

Elizabeth is originally from England and spent time in Latin America before settling in Portland seventeen years ago. Since retiring, she has found her passion in the exploration of fiber arts, especially fine art quilts. She loves to create her own designs and to push the limits by rusting, painting, and dyeing fabric. Elizabeth says her landscape and cityscape designs have become increasingly more abstract over time.

Here are photo images of two of her recent wall quilts. A big welcome to Elizabeth!

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