Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pam Nichol's Final Exhibit At Art On Broadway Gallery

"Living: Lessons of Life," continues through Saturday, October 28, at Art On Broadway Gallery. The exhibit consists of thirteen powerful encaustic paintings by Pam Nichols, former member of the gallery and now resident of Perth, Australia.

For Pam's many followers, this is your last chance to purchase Pam's work here in Oregon, at least for now; however, she has left us with some wonderful pieces to consider.

The story behind this exhibit started with Pam's intrigue of life lessons and how people come to learn them. She asked a number of people to share a lesson they have learned in life and a brief story behind it. "I explore and honor the emotions in each story by translating them into color, shape, and form in my encaustic paintings," shares Pam.

For Lesson #12, "Moving to the Surface," a friend shared, "Sometimes in life we are put in a situation we would never expect. We rise to what needs to be done in these times. We take care of others and provide the support that they need."

Pam's painting of Lesson #12 depicts three rows of horizontal blue brick-like shapes and one vertical "brick" with small metal rods carefully attached by copper wires. The rods create a ladder-like effect leading the viewer out of the blue depth and into a wall of broken brownish pieces with a large field of light and open space on the other side. It's almost as if the "situation" has been faced and broken into more manageable pieces; a brightness awaits with the discovery of openings that offer escape into the vastness of help and support beyond. 

Is this how Pam meant for this painting to be read? Maybe, maybe not. It's what I saw however when I looked at it closely. When you visit the gallery this month, study the painting and see what it means to you.

"Moving To The Surface," Encaustic, 20x16, $895 

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