Thursday, December 28, 2017

"Change" is Coming in 2018

The first show of our 2018 season will be a group show with each artist contributing a new piece of artwork inspired by the word, "Change." Install of the work takes place this Saturday with the show officially opening on Wednesday, January 3. Just a reminder that starting in January we will return to our regular gallery hours of Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 5.

A Change of Seasons - Glass - Vicki Green

Change can be the coins in your pocket or at the bottom of your purse; it can be a new hair color or cut & style; a healthier way of eating or a new commitment to exercise; change can involve a move to a new city, state, country or maybe just a new apartment across town; it can mean the addition or loss of a family member; a new job or career move, a divorce or a new love.  Change can be scary, exciting, challenging, rewarding, eye-opening, joyous, and heartbreaking. Whether we like it or not, change happens. It's part of our story.

"Open Spaces" - Photography - Russell J Young
As visual artists, we tell stories, share feelings, depict events, and record observations with paint,  paper, canvas, clay, glass, charcoal, metal, wood, fiber, ink, - materials used throughout history. Please visit us in January and February to see what our artists, using their medium of choice, have to tell, share, depict and record about meaningful "change" in their lives.


"the towers fell and the world changed" - Mixed Media - Donna Sanson

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