Monday, December 11, 2017

Mary Burgess's Demo

For those of you who missed Mary Burgess's demo on Saturday evening, I'm posting some photos from the event. A big thank you to Mary for offering this hands-on opportunity as part of her "Oregon Lovescapes" featured show in December.

After coffee and cookies, guests were invited to join Mary as she demonstrated how she warms up to begin painting by creating blind contour drawings and then adding watercolor to enhance them. About seven lucky beginning artists got to try out Mary's methods after she demonstrated what to do.

Mary began by explaining the rules - your pen doesn't leave the paper, you draw large, and you keep your eyes on the subject you're drawing without looking at the paper as you draw.

Using her left hand as her subject Mary demonstrated the technique as her students watched; they then followed her directions drawing their own hands using the blind contour drawing rules.

They added watercolor and then moved on to a second drawing of fresh veggies and other items Mary provided for reference.

Their third subject was a portrait of the person opposite them at the table using the same method.

The results were fun and fresh, and the guests left with three original paintings and smiles all around.

Once again, Bob Ewing joined us on this 2nd Saturday of the month to add holiday music to the evening's event.

Contact The Village Gallery in Cedar Mill to check out Mary's schedule for watercolor classes.

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