Saturday, October 28, 2017

Johnson & Scheller Join Art On Broadway Gallery

When our new show officially opens on Wednesday, November 1, the work of two new artists will be be included in the exhibit.

Blaine Johnson is an oil painter who was recently featured on our guest wall in September. This time he returns as a member of the gallery.

He shares the following about the role painting plays in his life...

"Painting is the very key to my soul - my own delirious rabbit hole. From the beginning process of deciding what to paint, I let inspiration guide me and particularly pay attention to the feeling I want to evoke upon completion.        
I spend a lot of time outdoors painting en plein air - incorporating sight, sound, feeling, smell and intuitive mark-making to create spontaneous and intimate paintings of place and time. I invite you to join me on my  journey." 

"Sauvie Island," Oil On Panel

Beate Scheller is a printmaker - the first printmaker to join our gallery as a member; and she is the second Scheller to become a member. Not a relative, but she shares the same last name as one of our glass artists, Jim Scheller. It's such a small world.

Originally from Germany; Beate works with many types of printmaking including drypoint, etching, and lithography to name a few. She shares this about about her art..

"Experiences from many different countries have shaped my artwork. To see the world in different environments, in different time periods and with a global view is a constant challenge. With my memory (through mind or photographs) of former landscapes in European countries, but also the changes that happen every day around us, is one idea I transform into my work. The main influences of each piece, with a combination of lines, shapes or architectural components, are influenced through these experiences from nature and architecture. "

"Peek Through," Beate Scheller

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